cropped-apples-e14685989371691.pngNo one has the same eating disorder…

Straight to the point, this is fact, and something I utterly stand and vouch for. The same advice will work for some but not others. The same diagnosis will concede relevant to some sufferers but not others. Similar behaviours for the same type of sufferers will seem comical and absurd to some but completely relatable to others. Finally and most importantly, the weight categorized and associated for some sufferers, will be so vastly different for everyone. This doesn’t mean that one case isn’t as bad as someone else’s case (so there’s nothing wrong with me and I don’t really need help), or a case that is less relevant or less important.

For me the final statement in particular about weight, is something I subconsciously sought to adhere towards, in a helpless attempt to be believed by others that I was profoundly suffering with an eating disorder. I believed I wouldn’t be taken seriously until I reached a certain number on the scales and I believed I had somewhat failed at anorexia because other sufferers had their lowest weight reach a kg that my body would no doubt fail at and kill me.